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Cut-to-Size Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet


Clear Polycarbonate sheet is the best choice for most secondary glazing installations. It has a number of features and advantages:

  • Strength - it is significantly stronger than other glazing sheet alternatives. See the action video above for break test demonstrations. Polycarbonate sheet is often used in Security applications
  • UV Protection - our Polycarbonate sheet is "2UV" meaning that both sides of the sheet are coated with Ultra Violet filters, preventing penetration whichever side is facing the sun. This prevents deterioration in the sheets that will occur with Polystyrene, and can occur with Acrylic Sheet, which is generally only "1UV"
  • Thermal Insulation - Polycarbonate is an excellent insulator
  • Transparency - slightly clearer than glass at approximately half the weight
  • Resistance - Polycarbonate is resistant to chemicals, and fire rated to BS476/7 class 1Y
  • Cutting - can be cut with a jigsaw or router. Alternatively, let us cut-to-size for you
  • Protected - our Polycarbonate sheets are supplied with film on both sides, for protection. We recommend keeping this on the sheet for as long as possible before installation.

What thickness of sheet to choose? Some of our products are only suitable for certain sheet thickness, but if you have a choice, e.g. with Magnetglaze, we can suggest a rough guide based on the size of the sheet in square metres:

  • 2mm Sheet - up to 0.8m sq (will feel floppy until fitted and will bow)
  • 3mm Sheet - 0.8m to 1.2m sq (a good compromise for medium sized panes)
  • 4mm Sheet - over 1.2m sq (firmer fit but still some flexibility)
  • 5 or 6mm Sheet - use only with Magnetglaze Extreme products and Clipglaze. (Panes are rigid but take account of their extra weight regarding handling)

If you want Polycarbonate sheet in smaller pieces, try our Offcut packs page.

Polycarbonate sheet, like any other plastic sheet but less so than glass, can be scratched. For information and general advice on cleaning your sheet, as well as removing static when first installed, please see our Static and Cleaning page.

The products on this page can use glazing sheet of up to 6mm thick, which we are unable to provide. The One Stop Plastic Shop do offer this - they are an independent company with whom we have traded for many years. Click through for 6mm cut to size Polycarbonate or 6mm cut to size Acrylic if you want to buy direct from them.

Glass or Plastic Glazing?
Weight can be a factor in your choice. To help you calculate the approximate weight for windows of any size, use our weight calculation tool. Simply select the material of your choice and enter the dimensions for the calculated weight.
1 Choose Type: Glass Acrylic Polycarbonate
2 Enter Values: Height (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
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Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet

£ per metre 2
height: mm
width: mm
Min height & width 100mm. Max size 2440mm x 1220mm
(height = largest dimension, width = smallest dimension)
N.B. Please check your dimensions carefully before ordering cut sheet as once this has been ordered and cut, it cannot be refunded.


Price £....
Anti Static Spray
100ml Bottle £4.00