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Polycarbonate Sheet Static & Cleaning



Solid Polycarbonate glazing sheets are manufactured with protective film on both sides, to ensure that they stay clean and scuff-free for installation. When the protective film is peeled away, this generates static electricity, causing any dust present to be attracted to the pane, which can show up (especially in bright sunlight). The paradox of fitting a new sheet in your home and needing to clean it has prompted some customers to ask for advice.

The most effective method we found was to use a simple weak alcohol solution which can be sprayed on and wiped away. In our testing we used several products described as being for this purpose, and because the results were mixed, we selected the most effective and have made this available to buy with the sheets, in handy 100ml bottles with a pump-action spray nozzle.

Static Cleaning PDF

More information about Static and Cleaning is in this downloadable PDF


Solid Polycarbonate is immensely tough, but despite this it is possible to scratch it, for example when cleaning. In addition, any product that leaves smears or chemical residue will become visible, particularly in sunlight. To help you in this regard, we tested a large number of cleaning solutions along with cloths, papers and other household items, in order to be able to recommend which appear to work best and which should be avoided.

The best combination was to use a microfibre cloth with a clear window cleaning solution - both common household items. We found that some paper products were rougher than others without this being obvious to the eye, and therefore suggest that these are avoided or used with caution. Cream cleansers required a lot of effort to remove completely, and "general purpose" cleaning sprays and solutions tended to contain chemicals that will smear.

Full information on our testing and advice is in the PDF above.

Anti Static Spray
100ml Bottle £4.00