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Easyfix Magnetglaze - Detachable Magnetic Glazing


Magnetglaze is an easy to remove magnetic secondary glazing system that provides cost effective heat and noise insulation along with instant access to the outer window. Use only internally, on any non-opening or roof window frame, and with plastic glazing sheet - we do not recommend glass with magnetic products for safety reasons. Steel tape is stuck to the window surround, magnetic tape stuck to the rear of the glazing sheet, which then clips neatly into place. The result is unobtrusive, but for enhanced cosmetic appearance use Magnetglaze Finishing Trim to complete the effect.

magnetglaze installation pdfInstallation of Magnetglaze is very simple. The steel and magnetic tapes both come in coils, so just measure off the length needed, cut and, after cleaning and degreasing using Surface Preparation Wipes, stick down into position. The Magnetglaze bulk pack makes this even simpler because it comes in specially designed Dispenser Packs, that allow lengths to be pulled out and cut without the danger of the coil unravelling. Instructions for fitting are in the video and PDF on this page.

New to the Magnetglaze range, in resonse to requests from customers and the existence of very large and draughty windows, is Magnetglaze Extreme.  It is essentially the same as Magnetglaze, but uses 25mm wide steel and magnetic tape, so providing a significant amount of extra grip, both to cope with bigger heavier sheets and to react less to draughty windows during high winds. Magnetglaze Extreme comes in 10m dispenser packs.

Magnetglaze functions well on its own, but can be enhanced either with our Magnetglaze Pro plastic capping or for small windows that require a jointed panel (e.g. sash windows), 2mm panels can be jointed using our Magnetglaze Sash 2mm add-on kits, while for larger and draughty windows you can use 4mm thick sheet with our Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty kits. Please click through for details. 2mm glazing sheet is generally sufficient for good insulation, but on larger windows or for more panel rigidity, 3 or 4mm sheet can be used as thinner sheet will tend to bow. If so, to avoid risk of slippage of the magnets, either double up the tape used on the glazing panel or put a couple of small screws directly under the panel to support the weight.

The Magnetglaze 5m kits each contain 2 Surface Preparation Wipes, with separate coils of steel and magnetic tape. Also pictured below is the bulk pack, with its unique dispensing system. The Magnetglaze Finishing Trim, which can be fitted retrospectively, comes in self adhesive 5m coils and can be easily mitred with a pair of strong scissors. It not only hides the magnetic strip beneath, but can be used to mask slightly rough cutting of the glazing sheet, if this is required. The Finishing Trim is 20mm wide and the Magnetglaze magnetic strip is 13mm wide.

magnetglaze kits and dispenser packsmagnetglaze without finishing trimmagnetglaze with finishing trim

Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet

£ per metre 2
height: mm
width: mm
Min height & width 100mm. Max size 2440mm x 1220mm
(height = largest dimension, width = smallest dimension)
N.B. Please check your dimensions carefully before ordering cut sheet as once this has been ordered and cut, it cannot be refunded.


Price £....
Magnetglaze Steel Tape and Magnetic Strip
Bulk Pack 30m rolls £48.00
High Bulk 5 x 30m Rolls £225.00
Bulk Pack 3 x 5m kits £40.00
Single 5m kits £20.00
Magnetglaze 20mm Finishing Trim
Bulk Pack 3 x 5m kits White £18.00
Bulk Pack 3 x 5m kits Brown £18.00
Single 5m kits Brown £9.00
Single 5m kits White £9.00
Surface Preparation Wipes
Pack of 10 £2.20
Anti Static Spray
100ml Bottle £4.00