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Easyfix Magnetglaze Sash - 2mm Multi Panel Sash Insulation


Magnetglaze Sash 2mm is a secondary glazing product specially designed to provide insulation and access for smaller sash windows, and any other situation where a jointed series of panels is required. Please note that it is an add-on to Magnetglaze secondary glazing which must also be purchased along with the Sash kit. Magnetglaze Sash 2mm incorporates a unique flexible jointing strip, supplied coiled, which allows 2mm glazing panels to be joined whilst providing a thermal seal - panels can be removed and replaced regularly for instant insulation, ventilation or access.

For larger and draughty windows that are suitable for 4mm thick glazing you can use Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty kits.

magnetglaze sash installation pdfInstallation of Magnetglaze Sash 2mm is straightforward, requiring no special tools. Once the Magnetglaze steel strip has been stuck to the window surround, and the magnetic tape has been fitted to all panels, the thermal jointing strip is stuck in place on one of the panels, enabling another 2mm thick panel to be inserted. Extra steel tape is provided within this Sash kit which can be stuck to the face of one panel, so that any removed panel can be "parked" when removed, for convenience. Make sure not to leave this extra steel tape protruding over the sheet edge, as the panel may then give a "papercut" if sliding through hands.

The glazing sheet joint can be aligned with the window frame to make it unobtrusive, and Magnetglaze Sash 2mm can be retrofitted to Magnetglaze installations, with care. The video and PDF instructions cover all the steps required.

Each 2mm Sash kit contains 10m coils of white flexible jointing strip and thin self adhesive tape, 15m of extra steel tape, turnbuttons and screws to support the panels if required and 3 Surface Preparation Wipes.

Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet

£ per metre 2
height: mm
width: mm
Min height & width 100mm. Max size 2440mm x 1220mm
(height = largest dimension, width = smallest dimension)
N.B. Please check your dimensions carefully before ordering cut sheet as once this has been ordered and cut, it cannot be refunded.


Price £....
Magnetglaze Sash Add-on System 2mm
2mm kits (Magnetglaze also required) £38.60
Anti Static Spray
100ml Bottle £4.00