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Easyfix Door Frame Acoustic and Smoke Seals


Insulating door and window frames is not always just about stopping draughts. The new Easyfix Acoustic and Smoke Seals are designed to provide 3-in-1 insulation:

  • Acoustic Control, reducing the noise that penetrates into your room
  • Smoke Prevention, effective up to 200oc
  • Draught Exclusion, reducing heat loss

The Seal is stuck into the door or window frame perimeter corner using self-adhesive tape. When the door is closed against it, the special elastomeric fins bend back on contact without offering resistance, which creates an air pocket that provides the insulating barrier for noise, smoke and heat. When the door opens, the fins spring back into place. Extremely lightweight but strong, the Acoustic and Smoke Seal is very easy to fit onto a clean, degreased, flat surface.

acoustic and smoke insulated by air pocketdimensions of easyfix acoustic and smoke seal

Surface Preparation Wipes
Pack of 10 £2.20
Acoustic Smoke Seal
Bulk Pack 5 x 2.1m White £25.00
Single 2.1m Length White £7.50
Bulk Pack 5 x 2.1m Brown £25.00
Single 2.1m Length Brown £7.50