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PVC Secondary Glazing, Cut-to-Size Polycarbonate & Draught Excluders

SecondaryDIYGlazing - online suppliers of Easyfix DIY Secondary Glazing Systems and Draught Excluders

Our secondary glazing systems and draught excluders are extremely effective for heat retention and noise insulation, and are easy to install with everyday tools. To help you decide which to choose, what each looks like and how to install them, we have a range of videos that show this in straightforward steps, as well as printable installation instructions for each Easyfix DIY secondary glazing system. For glazing sheet, we recommend Polycarbonate as the best material, but we have a video both to compare the different glazing sheets available, and to show you their respective breaking strengths.

Videos to help you use this site

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  • Secondary Glazing systems that are magnetic or sliding, stuck or screwed down. These use plastic sheet, glass or thermal film, with a range of cosmetic finishes and choice of colours. Suitable for listed or period buildings, sash windows, noisy streets and children’s bedrooms, they are as effective as replacement double glazing at a fraction of the cost
  • Cut Polycarbonate Sheet, in 2, 3 and 4mm thickness, up to a maximum size of 2440 x 1220mm. Guidance for how to measure up for the right sheet size is given for every glazing system
  • Draught Excluders for door and window frames, door bottoms and letterboxes, in anodised aluminium or plastic and a wide variety of styles, finishes and colours
Polycarbonate OffcutsAs a by-product of our cut-to-size processes, we generate a large quantity of smaller offcuts that are the wrong dimensions for windows. These are "as new" in that they still have the protective film on them; they are not returns, rejects or seconds, and they are usable for a number of other purposes, such as model cases and picture frames. Please visit our website www.polycarbonateoffcuts.com for more details on the offcuts and the large discounts that we are able to pass on for bulk purchases. Alternatively, you can now buy Offcuts of each sheet thickness in 10kg packs - details are on our Offcut page, under the Plastic Sheet menu.