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Easyfix Filmglaze - Thermal Film Insulation


Filmglaze is a simple secondary glazing system that uses special thermal film as an insulator instead of glass or plastic glazing sheet. The film provides a thermal seal by being attached to the window surround by double sided adhesive tape, after which gentle heat is applied to the film to take out wrinkles and provide a smooth tight finish that traps air and insulates the window.

easyfix filmglaze thermal film insulation pdfFilmglaze is easy and quick to install, using a few household tools, and full instructions are supplied with each kit, or can be printed from the PDF on this page. It is possible to re-fix handles and other fittings through the film, which is also repairable if punctured, using ordinary clear tape.

easyfix filmglaze retail packs

Filmglaze is very affordable, as it does not require the extra cost of glazing sheet, it allows emergency access to the window, and the film itself can be re-used once it has been carefully cut out. It is ideal for student accommodation or rented property and will ordinarily last for a complete winter. If you find that after a while the film begins to sag or wrinkle a little, this is normal, and can be addressed by repeating the careful heating of the film with a hairdryer.

Each Filmglaze pack contains the thermal film, suitable double sided tape and Surface Preparation Wipes, that clean and degrease the window surround before installation. Extra Wipes and adhesive tape can be added to your order if required.

Filmglaze 9m
Bulk Pack 5 x Kits £51.60
Single Kits £15.48
Filmglaze 4.5m
Bulk Pack 5 x Kits £36.60
Single Kits £10.98
Filmglaze 1.8m
Bulk Pack 5 x Kits £22.20
Single Kits £6.66
Filmglaze 8m Rolls Double Sided Tape
Bulk Pack x 15 £24.00
Single Rolls £2.40
Surface Preparation Wipes
Pack of 10 £2.20