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Easyfix Magnetglaze Pro - Deluxe Magnetic Insulation


Magnetglaze Pro is a secondary glazing insulation system that combines the simplicity of magnetic fixing with the pleasing appearance of neatly mitred plastic capping. It is suitable for internal use on fixed window frames and surrounds, with 2, 3 or 4mm plastic sheet - we do not recommend using glass with magnetic products for safety reasons. Steel tape sticks to the window frame, on which is attached the rigid PVC capping, by means of the magnetic tape that is already stuck on. No special tools are required, and the resulting Magnetglaze Pro frame is neat and smart when accurately mitred, using the mitre bead provided.

magnetglaze pro  pdfInstallation is simple, and is described in the above video or step-by-step in the PDF on this page. Clean and degrease the window surround using Surface Preparation Wipes for maximum adhesion, and simply slot the mitre bead into the Magnetglaze Pro strip before cutting.

Where your windows are very large, particularly draughty or you want the comfort of more aggressive grip from your magnets, have a look at new Magnetglaze Pro Extreme.  This is also a smart capping for the sheet edges, but uses 25.4mm wide magnets and steel. It is designed for 4-6mm thick plastic sheet, which has the added benefit of making a more rigid pane.

Panels using Magnetglaze Pro can be jointed using Magnetglaze Sash Heavy Duty kits. Suitable for use with 4mm sheet only, these provide a rigid sealed joint for the convenience of 2 pane windows.

magnetglaze pro secondary glazing dimensionsThe Magnetglaze Pro system allows instant insulation or access to the window. If using a large glazing sheet, or to eliminate the risk of any slippage, the frame can be supported by a couple of screws placed into the window frame immediately underneath. If the magnetic fixing system without the additional plastic capping is required, click through for our Magnetglaze Secondary Glazing page.

Please note that as Magnetglaze Pro purchases already include the magnetic and steel tape they use, you do not need to order Magnetglaze packs for use with them. You still need to specify and order Magnetglaze Pro packs/lengths though!


Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet

£ per metre 2
height: mm
width: mm
Min height & width 100mm. Max size 2440mm x 1220mm
(height = largest dimension, width = smallest dimension)
N.B. Please check your dimensions carefully before ordering cut sheet as once this has been ordered and cut, it cannot be refunded.


Price £....
Magnetglaze Pro 2440mm Lengths
Bulk Pack 10 x lengths White £68.00
Single lengths White £10.20
Bulk Pack 10 x lengths Brown £68.00
Single lengths Brown £10.20
Magnetglaze Pro 1220mm Lengths
Bulk Pack 10 x lengths White £42.00
Single lengths White £6.30
Bulk Pack 10 x lengths Brown £42.00
Single lengths Brown £6.30
Surface Preparation Wipes
Pack of 10 £2.20
Mitre Block
Mitre Block £3.80
Anti Static Spray
100ml Bottle £4.00